IPS Female Product Range

Our products contains specific vitamins and minerals to ensure that you your body is taking in all the essential nutrients to keep it performing optimally throughout the day and to guard it against certain infections.

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IPS Male Product Range

Our male supplement range has been formulated to keep your body running at an optimal rate. The ingredients added to your capsules have been chosen to ensure that your systems perform at their full capacity.

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Additional Products

IPS: Health and Wellness is continuously researching and developing products that we can offer to your family. We want to ensure that your kids and teenagers are as healthy and motivated as you are!

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Our Customers Say:

I must say besides the bout of energy that I got. I haven’t had a cold or anything! The vitamin C has just been amazing for me. - Maxine Costel-Margro
I have been using IPS Omega 3 for just over a month now and the results have been truly impressive! I have noticed a dramatic improvement in both my memory and concentration.- Benji Coetzee
Nadat ek uit die hospitaal ontslaan is, het ek die tablette begin drink. Ek kon van die derde dag die verskil voel, ek het weer genoeg energie gehad.- Elize Dames
My son Caleb is in grade 7 and is currently using the IPS Mind tablets that I purchased in April 2018. His marks have improved drastically in the third term. He is much more focused, and his concentration and retention has also improved substantially. Thank you so much for recommending this product. He will definitely use it throughout his high school career.- Saretha Eybers