May 09

Trust your gut

I know that I am not alone in my love for food. Since the beginning of time, humans have congregated around food in exactly the same way we congregate for stories, or family. But in our modern world, food is easier to obtain and tastier than ever. Burgers, pizza, chicken... read more →
Aug 10

Talking About Sugar

Brown vs White sugar Brown sugar or white sugar, that is the big question... We all know that we should limit our sugar intake for various reasons such as controlling our blood sugar levels, especially if you are diagnosed with diabetes, and monitoring our waistlines. But is there a sugar... read more →
Aug 10

Recycle for a cleaner and better future

I grew up in a home where we recycled for as long as I can remember. My dad is an environmental specialist, so he has a great amount of knowledge about trees, plants species and everything environmentally based that you can think of. It has always been an important part... read more →
Aug 10

Immune Enhancing Recipes

Preparing meals that are nutritious and support our immunity does not have to be boring, complicated, or even expensive!  There are so many options in the different food groups to choose from to find the combinations and flavours that you and your family enjoy most. We have compiled two delicious... read more →
Aug 10

Common travel-related illnesses

By Dr Martie Conradie, MBChB (UP), Diploma in Child Health (SA), Diploma in HIV Management (SA) Getting ill while travelling Nobody wants to have their travels cut short by illness or for it to be remembered as a terrible trip. Many studies have been done to investigate travel related illnesses... read more →
Aug 10

Intravenous Vitamin Infusion aka Vitamin Drips

IV or intravenous infusion is just a fancy way of saying getting a drip – therefore getting your vitamins via a drip instead of receiving it from your diet or supplements. Whether you are hungover, feeling a bit flu-ish, tired or just want to boost your general health – vitamin... read more →
Jul 14

Charred tomatoes with cold yoghurt

This recipe by Ottolenghi is sophisticated, complex and so beautifully rich in flavour. Yet simple and easy to prepare – anyone of us can do it! I added some extra’s to make it a meal. Ingredients 350g Cherry tomatoes (try using different coloured ones) 3tbsp Olive Oil ¾ tsp Cumin... read more →
Jul 09

Infertility – finding a way forward

Infertility is a sensitive issue that can affect both males and females. Most couples want to start a family after a certain amount of time, and having problems conceiving can lead to frustration, stress and anxiety for both parties. Infertility is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as... read more →
Jul 09

HIV and wellness

By Dr Martie Conradie MBChB (UP), Diploma in Child Health (SA), Diploma in HIV Management (SA), Diploma in Occupational Medicine and Health (UP) HIV is nothing new to people in South Africa, but because it has a massive impact on everyone’s lives in one way or the other, a quick... read more →
Jul 09

Indoor Activities for Winter to Keep You on Your Toes!

That time of the year is approaching again, wintertime - when we prefer to stay inside our warm cosy homes instead of braving the cold. Sometimes, boredom does arise and it’s always good to have a list of great indoor activities that you can refer to and choose from during... read more →

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