AromaHeat Pain Relief Bag


The AromaHeat Pain Relief Bag is a 100% cotton, microwave therapy heat bag designed to ease neck and shoulder pains, sore muscles and spasms as well as for warming up beds at bedtime.

What’s in the box:
1 x Flaxseed microwave bag with 100% cotton washable outer
1 x Pain relieving oil blend

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The AromaHeat Pain Relief Bag is a natural product, made with a 100% washable cotton outer pouch, a 100% cotton inner, and filled with flaxseed. AromaHeat doesn’t have a bad smell or become smelly over time.

Additionally, the bag can be used as a cooling bag. Put the bag into the deep freeze for 30 minutes and then use it on affected areas. The bag remains warm for up to 45 minutes or as long as the bag is held against the skin.

Care Instructions:
Wash the cotton outer as often as needed.
Do not ever wash or immerse the bag containing flaxseed in water.

Caution: Never heat the bag for longer than 2 minutes in the microwave.